Sounds kinda obvious right?  Well, not always.  From age old traditions to popular trends saturating social media, there is so many details that can easily slip into the forefront of this sacred day that would not be happening if it wasn't for - you.  

     That's the tone we want to set from here on in.  A wedding is a celebration of a life long dedication of love between two people and that's what we focus on.  Our passion is capturing the little moments that mean the most and the emotions that can't be forced on cue. 

     We believe the best way for a wedding story to be told is through photos that document the whole day from beginning to end.  Photos that are gorgeous, dramatic and photo journalistic; keeping the occasion true to the beautiful couple you are and the awesome guests you have chosen to share this once in a lifetime event with.  That being said, we will sneak you away from your beloved guests to create those 'BIG' photos.

     What we guarantee to every couple is our personal care and attention, the kind you wont get from a larger studio.  We always deliver: dreamy photos that you'll get lost in, wide photos that get creative with the space you've chosen

     No two weddings are the same, they never should be!  What stays the same on our end is the style we deliver to each and every couple.  We would describe our style as Luxe-Documentary - two styles that usually are in contrast to each other, but contrast often is beautiful - after all, opposites attract.  True documentary wedding photography would have no, nada, zero posed photos - as the time used creating these photos would be taking you away from a potential natural occurring interaction.  True fine art wedding photography would have no photos documenting what actually happened on your wedding day - at the end of the day, do you want to be holding a bridal magazine or a wedding album? 

     When it comes to light, more often than not we choose to be creative with the natural light available to us at the time.  Of course, we love to have fun creating natural light of our own with our professional studio lighting we bring to every wedding - in case the available light just isn't doing its thing!

     Skin tones are important to us and we think they should be important to you too. We don't like to use cheap filters or presets that use heavy colour casts.  Our proprietary Urban Light Studio presets are aimed to keep colours both true and bold with pleasant contrast and a crisp, bright, clean aesthetic.

   I guess what we're saying is: we want you to have your wedding cake and eat it too.  Telling your wedding story by both using natural social interactions, documenting the spirit of your wedding plus putting our own creative flare on expressive portraits that express your unique love.

     Toronto, my hometown, is our area of focus.  Currently living in Guelph, Ontario (just below the university) we happily make the time to meet with our couples face to face at their favorite place to grab a cup of coffee - or by default Starbucks.

     Thank you for taking your time to consider us for the documentation of the most important and fastest moving day of your new lives together.

- Joel & Summer Urban

Urban Light Studio

Toronto | Ontario | Canada

Luxurious & genuine wedding photography | Natural & airy Family portraits by Urban Light Studio.  Servicing the Toronto area and more.

Your love story is beautiful and deserves to be told. We love to draw out what makes you special with our unique Lux-Documentary style.  Joel & Summer are the artists behind Urban Light Studio Wedding Photography.

Luxurious & genuine wedding photography | Natural & airy Family portraits by Urban Light Studio.  Servicing the Toronto area and more.

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